Thursday, September 1

Mitch Watch

You may remember Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Joel Silverman, the man who's bringing the same entrepreneurial spirit to government he used to eliminate Galyan's Sporting Goods when he was its president, thereby freeing himself to take the Commissioner's job. Well, it turns out he freed up more than that. It was revealed yesterday that twenty-four former Galyan's now work for the Bureau, including ten who filled job openings created when Silverman fired the people who held them.

Silverman told the House-Senate committee which is investigating the job he's doing--that's the Republican-controlled House and Senate which is investigating him after just eight months on the job--to get off his back and let him run things.

Mark my words, by the first quarter next year Hoosiers are going to find out that Dick's Sporting Goods is planning a hostile takeover of our BMV.

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