Monday, September 5

Sounds Fair

I could thank Julia every day, but kudos, especially, for her Lake George link dump which led me to this and a lot of other good work:
OK, I propose a deal. For every low-income person's home we don't rebuild in New Orleans or Gulfport because those cities are flood-prone, we rip down one mansion in fire-prone Malibu. And if we run out of mansions in Malibu, we can start dismantling the gazillion-dollar vacation cottages and golf courses around Cape Hatteras. Or is it that we should only employ least-risk models for redevelopment when the people who live there are poor?

Just one minor addition: people were flooded out of New Orleans not because a natural disaster struck them like it strikes Cape Hatteras. They were flooded out because government-constructed flood walls failed. If anything they have a much greater claim to federal reconstruction aid.

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