Friday, September 2

I Didn't Know Eleanor Roosevelt. But You're Still No Eleanor Roosevelt.

Jeez Louise, why did they bother animating Laura Bush (a process we now know takes 72-96 hours)? They calculated the need for one more photo-opper out there to push all the bad news off the screens for a day? To put a "human" face on the failure to get water to infants for three days?

I said, somewhere, that I was glad Bush was at least out there, even if it was Bush. But Laura undid my half-assed good will. They put her down in some carefully selected setting (the same handlers, probably, who had her face the wrong direction that time so the news photos would have a flag backdrop) and she uses the opportunity to say that things aren't as bad everywhere as they seem on teevee? Shame, shame, shame, shame.


eRobin said...

Well really, who you gonna' believe? Waura or your lyin' librul media outlets.

I didn't see any of her appearance but I expect to read a glowing NYT account, which defends her decision to undermine the media as a source of information during a catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

They probably figured it was a better idea than hauling Cheney out of cryo for a photo op with the tykes.

handdrummer said...

They let him near KIDS? Have they no scrupples at all?