Wednesday, September 14

Norbizness: Not As Funny As I Thought

Okay, not that I don't realize he's the funniest guy alive. It's just that yesterday I was reading him riffing on the President's informal press conference in New Orleans over my morning tea, and there were two questions I swore he'd doctored:

Q Sir, what do you make of some of the comments that have been made by quite a number of people that there was a racial component to some of the people that were left behind and left without help?


Q Do you recommend that Congress consider allowing the federal government to act more quickly?

Then I checked the White House site. Those are the real questions. Y'know, you might be able to run away from a hurricane, but stupidity moves at the speed of light.


Anonymous said...

Okay, but the JiffyLube thing was awesome.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. President, would you ever a veto a Congressional bill declaring you the awesomest motherfucker ever because of your legendary, superhuman modesty?"

Anonymous said...

I thought Jeff Gannon wasn't allowed in press conferences anymore?