Saturday, November 5

Burma Shave


Anonymous said...

Do the bottomless soft-drink refills include sarsparilla?

Anonymous said...

I'm *never* going to be able to explain the hysterical laughing fit to the housemates. You *do* know that, right?

Anonymous said...

I looked up Burma Shave. I liked this one:

Candidate says
Babies kiss me
Since I've been using

Folks, malfunctioning Blogger is the new haiku!

eRobin said...

You are so funny!

Anonymous said...

for those interested in burma shave jingles, i'd recommend the book the verse by the side of the road by frank rowsome jr.

i don't know if it's still in print, but your local library might have a copy, or check a used book store.

i'm old enough to remember some of the last burma shave signs that were on u.s. 40 between greenfield and indianapolis during the early 1960s.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Yeah, they disappeared around the time I learned to read. I particularly remember them across Pennsylvania on the way to DC in '62. I even recall a couple. My favorite:

I proposed to Ida
Ida refused
I'da won my Ida
If I'da used
Burma Shave

Anonymous said...

OK, Riley, what gives? Were you in the path of the tornado? Or are you just in a local-tv-news induced coma? Check in, please.