Friday, November 4

Friday Filler? Or Just Another Excuse for Some Internet Smut?

The Daily Mirror's "Jane" comic was a great favorite of The Lads in the dark days of the Blitz; Jane would generally manage to lose most of her clothing over the course of four panels, which met with much approval among His Majesty's armed forces. Advance copies would be put on board submarines so the crew wouldn't have to do without.

Jane was modeled by Christabel Leighton-Porter (the renderng above is a bit more detailed than the comic was) who was an artists' model and later appeared as a showgirl in the West End (quite bravely; most theatre companies fled the area during the war) and made personal appearances as her comic strip persona.

During one of those appearances she met the Lord Chamberlain, who asked her what she did in her act. "Well," she explained, "at one stage I turn my back to the audience, take off my bra, and then cover my breasts with my hands as I turn 'round." After a moment's thoughtful silence the King's sidekick replied, "You must have very large hands."


Anonymous said...

*wolf whistle*

Was the lovely Miss Leighton-Porter a predecessor of the Page 3 girls? I'm at work now, so my research in this area is somewhat constrained.

Anonymous said...

insert drum and tophat effect

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! And I'm referring to both the woman AND the comeback.

Anonymous said...

Do you need a reason for internet smut? And a better comeback might have been, "Do you think my hands are big enough?"

Anonymous said...

Size, allow me to point out, men, is not everything.
I say that as a woman with breasts that are now literally less than half the size they used to be, but far more appealing to my partner and, evidently, just as interesting to random men on the street.
Still haven't gotten any of that fabled eye contact yet. But at least they don't treat me like I'm automatically stupid anymore.

Honestly, guys. They're just piles of fatty tissue. Get over it.
Your opportunities to get pop-eyed at women who would smack you if they weren't so damned *weary* of the whole thing does not trump the right of women not to be peer pressured into augmentation complications and murderous backaches.

It's just fat. You know what body fat looks like without the skin on it? Believe me, you'd stop drooling, if you did.

Anonymous said...

Jane would generally manage to lose most of her clothing over the course of four panels

And the day it wasn't just most of her clothes that she lost, Stars & Stripes (or whatever the US army newspaper was at the time) made "JANE GIVES ALL!" a front-page headline < >.

Anonymous said...

iirc, on v-e day, jane lost all her clothes.

if it wasn't so, please let me know.

btw, doghouse but -- smut? THAT'S smut? hell, that's cheesecake.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Smut? Well, I exaggerated for comic effect.

And I think Jane "gave her all" on D-Day, but I could be wrong.