Friday, November 18

I Am Big! It's the Pre-war Intelligence That Got Small!

I was out of it yesterday, not that I'm exactly plugged into the news or anything, but when the alarm went off this morning I heard Ray Suarez say Scott McClellan had criticized John Murtha for "endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore"(?) Did I hear that right? "Michael Moore is fat" is now the official level of discourse from The Greatest Nation on Earth? Really?

Or is this the start of a whole new rhetorical trend? "We can't allow this issue to become mired in the sticky sentimentality of a Taylor Hackford"? "The times call for start contrast, not the lambent prissiness of a Merchant-Ivory"? "The French position may look attractive, but we don't think Americans will have any patience for this mise-en-scene shit"? Is it time to fire back that Murtha has displayed Gregg Toland-esque depth of focus, or that he's breathed new life into the moribund war drama genre?

Or how 'bout this: Scotty, you're box office poison, sweetheart. Maybe what you guys need is to check out the view from the top of the HOLLYWOOD sign.


Anonymous said...

And, yes, "Michael Moore is still fat" *is* the GOP's official rebuttal.
Cut 'em some slack. They're sort of imploding over there. It's just a shame that they'll reconstitute like any good slime mold.

isabelita said...

What is this "cut 'em some slack" crrrrappp? No, give them enough rope to hang themselves, and help them do it! Kick the damned stool out from under them! (I didn't say kick the horse out from under them, since I want no animals harmed.) It can't happen fast enough, it should have happened after the first few years of W. and crew!!!!
SHOW NO MERCY. Those fuckers never have.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm, though clearly not done well.
In fact, I still want Kissinger extradited for his war crimes, so I'm admittedly a no-mercy kinda gal when it comes to piles of dead bodies and such.

isabelita said...

So do I, d.sidhe, regarding Henry K.! I didn't mean to impugn your comment; just furious over the current events. They strike me as overwhelming, so I do hope some of the sane folks in Congress- um, surely there must be SOME? - can keep abreast of this.

Anonymous said...

No problem. I tend to substitute drollery for good writing way too often. I can "hear" my voice while I write, and I forget no one else can.

I think the problem is that there have to be, in Congress, not only sane, but also courageous, people. And probably a certain number of them, or they just get talked over and gavelled down.

I admit I was damned proud of my Senator Maria Cantwell the other day, when she kept asking for the oil company execs to be sworn in.
But of course it didn't help.

Hopefully there won't be too much more irrelevance.