Tuesday, November 22

Say, Aren't You the David Brooks Who, Flush With Purple-Fingered Excitement, Told Us The US Could "Spark" The Debate But Not Conduct It?

If the U.S. leaves, Iraq will descend into a full-scale civil war. The Iranians will come in on the side of the Shiites. The Syrians, Saudis, and God knows who else will be tempted to come in on the side of the Sunnis. The Turks will be tempted to come in to take care of the Kurds. We might be looking at the Middle East version of World War I.

How positively Hobbesian of them.

Kathy, I know this is shooting porpoises in a barrel, but they keep refilling the damn barrel. And remind me to remind everyone about Brooks' preview of Bush's second term. It's Bobo-riffic!

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