Sunday, November 20


...everyone, for your concerns about my wife's condition. She's much improved, sleeping through the night and the horrendous coughing fits are much reduced. The reason I didn't bring it up sooner is that we've gone through this nearly every year for the past decade, and she gets better only to have it rebound and stick around until February. I'm cautiously optimistic that this time she'll listen to me and start doing some breathing exercises.

We had a death in the family Friday, so I probably won't return until Tuesday. Thanks again. And keep washing those hands.


Anonymous said...

I miss a few days, and what do you know. I hope that your wife is feeling better!

I'm going to go off an a spree of obsessive-compulsive hand-washing now. Dr. Pepper is teaching the freshmen these days, and who knows what he's bringing home?

Anonymous said...

This stuff never gets spaced out so you can deal with it, does it.

Take care of yourself and the Missus, Doghouse. Even with you and S.Z. on vacation at the same time, I suspect we'll manage.

Come on back when you can. We'll be thinking about you.

julia said...

Oh, man. Multiple layers of ouch.

I hope both of you come out of this well.

eRobin said...

Wow. Bad week. Hand washing is our first line of defense against the Freemasons. Everyone knows that. I wash early and often.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear.

We won't take it personally if you spend a couple of days under the covers and don't come out until Thursday.