Tuesday, November 8

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James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

First, thanks to all you lovely people who left comments & encouragement.

Blogger went down late Friday/early Saturday. It went nuts while I was working on posts. The Status report (from Saturday morning) says one of the databases is down causing some blogs to be unaccessible. No other word since then.

I've been checking a half-dozen times a day, but it still eats all content. I keep assuming it'll be fixed the next time I check back.

Because of the timing--I don't generally post much on weekends, and the Colts played their second of three irritating Monday night games which distract me until past midnight--you haven't really missed any of the crackerjack comedy and pithy social observation you come here expecting, although I am pissed to have missed celebrating Eugene V. Debs' birthday last Saturday.

I am working on a site at another free host, which looks promising, but that's more work than posting is, so it may come down to whether Blogger or I get done first. I'll let you know. Til then, as Monty Burns once told 'em at the old Scheid Park, just read something inspiring at another blog and imagine I said it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Well, as your official stalker, I believe it's traditional for me to spend a lot of time invested in the premise that I know what you're doing, like being witty and inspiring, even if you're not doing it where I can see, so consider me on it already.

I'm probably also supposed to be heavily invested in the premise that all of it is somehow a secret, coded set of messages to me. So, uh, I'll just pretend that the fact that you can't post copy is your way of telling me that you hate the current journalistic trend toward "balance" as much as I do.

(Please remember, I'm undermedicated but harmless, and also I don't know where you live.)

eRobin said...

I know where he lives. We should swap notes.

Anonymous said...

oh, hey, I wanna swap notes too.

julia said...

that was me. dagnab blogger.