Thursday, July 28

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July 28, 2005

Dr. Michael Griffin
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX

Dear Dr. Griffin:

Enclosed please find:

1-calculator, good condition, the "7" sticks sometimes
1-jar Tang orange drink, unopened
1-reflecting "space" blanket, mint

I'd like my tax money back, please. Cashier's check preferred.


J.B.S. Riley


Hokie said...

See, this is something I disagree with a lot of liberals about, I find. I know NASA's horribly inefficient (and, in some cases, criminally negligent...take the Challenger, for instance), but, dude, it's space exploration; something we still know very little about and where any number of things can go wrong. I just can't get upset at the few things our government does to actually promote the expansion of knowledge. Goodness knows they're few enough between, especially with how the NSF's funding is getting slashed.

Of course, given Bush's Mission to Mars/Moon Colony vision, maybe you're right.

doghouse riley said...

My experience is that there's a lot of support for NASA on the left side of the aisle. Personally I'm all in favor of space exploration, but manned flight does nothing for us at present and the Shuttle is a piece of crap Cold War military program in search of political justification for continued funding. We spend as much on NASA yearly as we do fighting pediatric diseases.

It's not Bush. I ignore him as much as possible. It was the [Jon Lovitz voice] "Life on Mars? Yeah, I think we just might have some of that for ya..." that pissed me off. Let's ram a comet! Let's blow up an asteroid! Because Ron Howard is never gonna make a movie about research.

KathyR said...

I think lots of lefty support for NASA is fueled by pure nostalgia. JFK, the moon walk, all that. Didn't we all want to be astronauts when we grew up?

I'm with you on manned missions. I don't understand why we keep doing them with the thirty-year-old equipment. And we're not about to pony up the funds for new vehicles for manned missions. I say that now that private enterprises are trying to get into the space flight game, let 'em.

I do support the unmanned research missions and not just for the Ron Howard factor. Although that is a very compelling reason all by itself.

Pepper said...

I nearly laughed my drinkable breakfast out my nose. Hey, if you send that, you might want to send 'em a piece of styrofoam, 'cuz they're gonna need it.

I read Dr. Feynman's book when I was a kid, including his testimony regarding the Challenger's O-Ring. I think NASA needs a serious internal housecleaning before I take them seriously. I have no beef with the missions themselves, but, for smart people, they sure do dumb things.

Loyal said...

Yeah, I was watching the Challenger disaster hearings when Feynman took the O-ring out of the glass of ice water and broke it with his bare hand. What were they thinking?

I'm all for spending money on basic science, but the shuttle/space station method is a 1940's pre-minaturized electronics/computers/robotics vision of exploring the universe.

By the time of the Challenger disaster, there were computers in millions of American homes that had more computing power than anything on the shuttle. And the shuttle operating costs have drained away any developmental funding for anything more modern.

Where is my moon base? Where are my flying cars, dammit!