Saturday, July 23

I Think She May Have Been Living With Me For Too Long

This is one of my favorite garden views, looking back toward the house at the potted plants on the deck, best viewed from the comfort of the garden bench at the back of the yard, but that pic obliterates all the detail for posting purposes. As it is the sharp-eyed may note that Caged Barbie currently resides at left center, though there's no way you can catch the pheromonic admirer in the person of that guy from Scooby Doo perched atop her feminist manifesto prison bars. He showed up a couple months ago. To the right you might just make out the yard-sale alabaster statuary my wife came home with a couple weekends ago. I went out this morning to check on the results of last night's storm and found this:

She'd picked up a fast-food salad with sliced tomato and hard-boiled eggs last evening.

As I've said before, these things happen completely unannounced, which adds to the humor when I find them, but it's slowly dawned on me that I'm a lot jumpier in the garden than I used to be.

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