Saturday, July 30

Random News

He was in the middle of the frame when I hit the shutter release

• He's still cute

• We don't want to strangle him yet.

• My wife is giving off the hints she likes "Larry", which was his adoption name, especially when I told her that "larry" is a late 19th century noun meaning "(state of) confusion or excitement". No, I don't know whose dialect. Yes, I had to look it up.

• I looked it up because I'd said Wonder Woman had a Golden Lariat, and my wife said no, it was a Golden Lasso. Same thing, I said. No, a Lariat is a thing you wear around your neck, she says. Turns out she was thinking of lanyard, which, technically, is not a thing you wear around your neck, although it can be.

• I only know that Wonder Woman had a Golden Lariat, which made people she lassoed tell the truth, because somebody did a gag about it on the old Doctor Katz show.

• Last week I said the only solid color cats I'd owned were white. Inexplicably I'd forgotten about the black Siamese I had in college. Solid black, crook in the tail, Siamese morphology and vocalisms. He is the spitting image of that cat in facial features and habitual actions. It's sort of eerie. This week I'm gonna search for a picture.

• Got a clean bill of health from the vet. She thinks he's part Oriental, which would be unfortunate as that is the ugliest breed there is. I think it's more likely he's part Siamese, since Siamese are more likely to be wandering around impregnating naive young Domestic shorthairs.

• She also said he's five months old, not the three the rescue people said. I knew they were off by at least one. He's already started teething.

• Most endearing kitten tricks: 1) he's a toter. Likes soft play balls he can run around the house with in his mouth, to the merriment of observers; and 2) he's still too small for stairs so he has to hop them, and he has to lauch himself from the second step when descending or he'll smack his head on the floor. To his credit, he learned that after one attempt.

• Stinky is none too happy about sharing his oxygen, and he's disturbed by the construction work in his basement, but there haven't been any fights. The kitten gives him a wiiiiide berth. Like all adult cats, Stink is personally insulted by the kitten's lack of dignity and eagerness to please.


D. Sidhe said...

Awwwwww. He's a doll.

I wanted a grey cat to go with my black cat, but when they just sort of turn up on your doorstep and meow plaintively, you probably can't ignore them until you get the color you want.

Be warned, though, my black and white cat started out a toter, and has learned to play fetch. Or, rather, has taught me. She brings me a toy in the middle of the night, stands on me with it in her mouth, meowing lamely until I throw it for her, and then she darts after it, and brings it *almost* all the way back.
At this point, my job is to go get it, return to start, and throw it again.
No wonder I don't sleep.

Yosef said...

The vet probably said Oriental because she knows her geography and figured that Siam is in the Orient, therefore, Siamese is Oriental.