Tuesday, July 5

Celebrity Match Game

I consider myself a Western rationalist, a child of what David Brooks now incessantly refers to as the 18th Century Enlightenment, as though to suggest his 19th century apologetics are somehow cutting edge. So you can imagine how surprised I was when, on a lark, I went to celebmatch.com (all the kids are doin' it) and based on biorhythms was matched with:

Because, not only had I heard of all those women, I've slept with four of them, and Jenny Agutter and I were married on the Isle of Wight back in 1974, although it later turned out that the "vicar" was actually a roadie for Slade.

I think they overstate the compatibility thing, though.


palolo lolo said...

I had Camilla Parker Bowles show up on mine. Made me think of suicide until I remembered she won't leave Charlie. Thank god

Norbizness said...

It's probably good you didn't hook up with Jenny; you would have both been snuffed out at age 30 while wearing pastel jumpsuits.

And I got Punky Brewster.

Anonymous said...

I got Donna Summer too, when I did the celebmatch.com in a lesbionic way. I do not understand. Do some celebs pay celebmatch to be included? Anyway, my top HetCelebmatch was Charlie Sheen, which is why I turned gay.


Thorlac said...

I got Tia Carrere at 99%. Cool! Now I know precisely who to stalk next!

Larkspur, which of your body parts were replaced/enhanced during your lesbionic surgery? And do they still make that annoying synthed stutter sound?

Pepper said...

I'm going to celebmatch to find the love of my life now - it's probably Gary Coleman, I know it - but I had to dig in at Brooks. WHA? As if the bloody Enlightenment happened at any other time? Does he have to remind himself that it happened in the 18th century so he looks smart? Paf!

harry near indy said...

i took the test. i remember that marilu henner was the first choice, and i forgot the rest of them.

they didn't horrify me -- i just forgot. don't know why.

back in the day, doghouse, jenny agutter was quite a fox. you lucky mutt!

Pepper said...

I landed Ricky Martin! Hoo-hoo! Livin' la vida loca, bay-bee!

I've been watching loads of Live 8 recently ... I was terrified I would wind up with Bob Geldof thanks to my biorhythms being all out of whack. I think everything turned out dandy.

The runner-up was Corey Haim. I think I would have preferred Feldman.

Yosef said...

I had never heard of any of mine, so I promptly forgot them.

handdrummer said...

Hey, life can't be too bad. I'm apparently perfect for Helen Mirren (sexiest actress ever, IMHO), Lucinda Williams (whose voice makes me melt into a pool every time I hear it.) And Maureen McCormick (Marsha Brady!)

Pretty brave talk for a two-eyed old fat man (to paraphrase Robert Duvall).

Anonymous said...

I took the test at Celebmatch.com and I only knew one person on my best matches list. Jesse Spencer. My best match(Who's name I can't remember) was not my type at all when I found out who he was. But one of the names on the list was Fernando Alonso and when I found out who was, I found a new celeb crush to admire form afar.