Thursday, July 21

Filling the Much-Needed Gap in Mid-Week Cat Blogging

Stinky would like you to know he's resting comfortably. It's what he's best at.

And thanks for your good wishes. Dimbulb is doing okay, not quite back to normal but out of the woods. We're not forcing his introduction to the new kid, and he hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in what's going on behind the guest room door. Young Random, naturally, is a tiny bullet train and was in danger of having the door closed on his head when you entered or exited while trying to keep him inside. So I bought some of that clear plastic carpet protector stuff your grandma uses and velcro'd it to the hall doorways, and he gets to play out there sometimes. And Stinky's observed this a few times, and he still hisses at him. Which is a laugh riot, because this is one laid back cat. I don't think I'd seen him hiss three times in ten years. And at first he was doing the whole ears-back thing, and the transformation was astonishing. He's a big cat and he looked mean. It was like having Mr. Rogers thump you in the chest.

Random goes to the vet for the rest of his shots on Friday, so we'll learn if he's defective, but he's whip-smart and remarkably well-adjusted. Kudos to the fine folks at Tails-a-Waggin' shelter, but please change your name.


Gavin M. said...

Almost nothing but cats posted today -- and a cat licking one's hand, verily, and head-butting one and play-swatting at one's face as one tries to type this -- and...well, you simply ignore us oftentimes, Riley, and experts simply can't agree why.

Hokie said...

Stinky is so adorable, DR. =)

Kittens are like bullet trains, aren't they? I was hanging out in the city at my friend's place, and they have two new, absolutely gorgeous, kittens, who were brother and sister. And oy, were they all over the place.

I wish I had that kind of energy.

Thorlac said...

Tails-a-Waggin' sounds like a fine name for strip club.

doghouse riley said...

Dude, cat siblings are pretty amazing. We were the default foster parents of two--identical twins, I think--when we lived downtown and finally were able to place them in the same home. They were like telepathic tornados.