Friday, July 1

Programming Note

Wednesday's intended slog, E!'s 100 More Celebrity Oops! turned out to be the only time in my recollection that a television network aired 120 minutes of a limp dick. I'm aware that none of my readers exhibits a paralyzing phobia that something, somewhere might get penetrated, but if you know anyone like that, this is the show for them. Forget wasting the talents of Jake Johanssen and Julie Brown; this show wasted the talents of Gary Coleman. The best moment was Mad TV's Debra Wilson faking an orgasm which looked for all the world like her impression of Ben Turpin faking an orgasm.


Anonymous said...

I misplaced my copy of The Late Great Planet Earth but something in this post reminded me. Is "wasted the talents of Gary Coleman" the code phrase for "Get in your bunker, Now!"

Chris Clarke said...

I would go through a not inconsiderable amount of inconvenience to watch Debra Wilson fake anything.

harry near indy said...

thanks for giving props to ben turpin.