Thursday, January 12

Boob Tube

This is an Olympic year, a Winter Olympic year, that is; I think the Winter Games should always be followed by an asterisk. I may have more to say about that later.

But in the meantime the excitement is almost palpable around Chez Riley, so it was surprising that something could knock it off #1 on the Anticipation List, but if anything could it's the prospect of John Stossel explaining what's wrong with American public schools. Tomorrow on ABC's 20/20, check local listings. It's likely I'll have more to say about that one, too.


Anonymous said...

I watch a lot of CBC. They are *constantly* cancelling stuff I want to see for Hockey Night in Canada.

I view the Winter Olympics primarily as comeuppance for hockey fans.

Anonymous said...

I hate figure skating.

Vitamin J said...

Stossel is a self-righteous twit. Can't wait to read your critique, 'cuz lord knows I won't sit through the actual report.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I'm confused. Are they going to make mustache rides an Olympic event?

eRobin said...

I saw him on the Colbert Report last night and he looked so flummoxed by the whole interview that it was worth listening to his ramblings.

Anonymous said...

Colbert did mock him a bunch.
Sadly, Mr Stossel is irony-proof. You could nail him repeatedly with the Four By Six of Irony and he'd still be making what he thinks is his point.

BTW, Johnny? If you're willing to say on TV that the government should be wiretapping people without warrants? You're not a libertarian, regardless of how much you hate taxes and the FDA.