Wednesday, January 18

Yeah, But It's No Travelgate

His lips are movin' again.

White House Silent on Abramoff Meetings

By Nedra Pickler, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - The White House is refusing to reveal details of tainted lobbyist Jack Abramoff's visits with President Bush's staff.

Abramoff had "a few staff-level meetings" at the Bush White House, presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said Tuesday. But he would not say with whom Abramoff met, which interests he was representing or how he got access to the White House.

Since Abramoff pleaded guilty two weeks ago to conspiracy, mail fraud and tax evasion charges in an influence-peddling scandal, McClellan has told reporters he was checking into Abramoff's meetings. "I'm making sure that I have a thorough report back to you on that," he said in his press briefing Jan. 5. "And I'll get that to you, hopefully very soon."

McClellan said Tuesday that he checked on it at reporters' requests, but wouldn't discuss the private staff-level meetings. "We are not going to engage in a fishing expedition," he said

But that's not a "fishing expedition": it's a request for specific information. A fishing expedition is when...wait, who'm I talking to?

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Anonymous said...

He should have stuck with "cannot comment on an ongoing investigation". He's got that one down.