Friday, January 20

Safety Equipment Required

Roy at alicublog staked out the territory. I was too busy to get at it last night, but there's enough here (warning: Mrs. Instapundit site) to keep a dedicated team of insanity miners busy for years.


Anonymous said...

The warning should have been more emphatic; I think I hurt myself touching that link.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was scary. Thank heavens they are scared to get married (or otherwise get involved with icky girls), and so presumably won't be breeding.

Oh, and I saw Dr. Helen on an A&E true crime show once , and was favorably impressed - and then I found out she was married to Instapundit, and had to question her personal judgment. I think her post about men who don't want to get married is just her way of expressing her secret wish that she had never gotten married.