Wednesday, March 16


From the comments at Roxanne's

The frustration is that we have been yelling ourselves hoarse over the corruption of this administration. We have pointed out the undemocratic actions and attitudes only to be hushed and told to be nice spineless, nuanced liberals who cannot stand up to the righteous, manly republicans. Insults have poured down from pundits and politicians alike on those who pointed out the truth. Look at the mockery of the French. Look at how the Canadians are being vilified for saying no. People so abused become furious.

We have seen people needlessly dying: Iraqi and Afghan, American and Italian and Pole in a war begun in fraud and deception, based on hubris, run by greedy corporations, fought by unprepared soldiers. The Pandora's box of evils this one action alone has unleashed will have ripple effects for generations. We have not yet realized the depth of the trouble we have activated.

America has been declared a Christian nation when Jefferson and Franklin were deists and knew how dangerous a country was that could not keep God out of politics. Suddenly hatred is a new religious tenet. Jesus himself would not recognize some of those who claim to speak in his name. Gays are the new 'Jews', verbal pogroms have begun to vilify our neighbors and our family members.

We have seen our citizens vote in hysteria on issues unimportant to those seeking power. We have the poor voting against their own interests. We have people suggesting that education is liberal and dangerous. We have people suggesting that torture should be legal, that imprisoning and disappearing so-called evildoers is logical.
We have people suggesting that internment did no harm, that Joe McCarthy was a good guy, that the UN is useless.

It is like an abuser slowly cutting off all avenues of escape. Slowly we are being isolated and silenced. We are unable to get the mainstream media to print or show the truth. The internet can hardly contain our outrage.

So finally, when we are empowered by the anger we feel, and have ceased to try to reason and listen to those in power, we are asked to be understanding and grateful to those who have seen the light.


C'mon in and sit down. We have something to say.

Posted by: ellroon | March 16, 2005 01:37 AM

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