Thursday, March 24

Coughing Hack

I don't read Mickey Kaus, or Slate for that matter, even though I usually try to avoid crowds. But Roger Ailes took a whack at him yesterday and I clicked the link. It was an October 2003 item about the dastardly unfairness of NPR in a piece about the Schiavo case failing to interview the requisite number of priests. The interesting thing there was Kaus, who droned on for five column inches about "the actual facts in the case" didn't know that Michael Schiavo is not acting as Terri's guardian. But he corrected himself when he caught it.

Yeah, so now, eighteen months later, he's quoting Charles Krauthamer: "The husband hasn't allowed much medical testing".

Maybe corrections have a shelf life I don't know about. If so, we can start the clock on today's column, where he repeats Captain Ed's powerful indictment of that ABC poll's misleading respondants by calling "life support" "life support". His "correction" states that feeding by tube is defined as "life support" by at least one medical authority. We'll just have to wait to see whether he has enough space to add another correction when he learns it's also defined as such by Florida law.

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