Friday, March 11

Shapiroesque Reviews

It's almost Spring, and if you're an avid gardener like I am, you're just itching to go out and get a jump on the growing season. Clean up is always first on the ol' checklist, so even though there was a touch of snow in the air and the thermometer was registering right around the freezing mark we decided to test out the Poulan Pro™ leaf blower.

The Poulan operates as either a blower or a vacuum, and today we had it set up to do a little mulching, but switching over is a snap (screwdriver required). The 1.25 horse motor fired up after just one pull at the full choke setting, and began to purr with the next tug, just what you want in a power tool or that girl you're saving yourself for. It handles twigs up to 1/2" thick, and the 14:1 shredding ratio means a full bag can be dumped down a storm sewer with ease, or you get extra coverage for those wetlands you're trying to fill in. And Poulan's reliability is, of course, second to none.

We did notice a couple of negatives. First, the vacuum tube is a bit short. I'm a six-footer, and it forces me to crouch slightly, which can be a little tough on the back when the bag gets full. Then, after I finished and went inside to warm up and read the instruction manual, I noticed a lot of safety warnings about eye and ear protection and that sort of liberal, nanny-state nonsense. Plus there's notice of a requirement for use of a "spark arresting screen" on some public lands, and it just burns me up when a company which employs thousands of workers has to throw away hard-earned profits on ink like that.

Still, we rate the Poulan Pro a BEST BUY.

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