Saturday, March 5

I Suspect This Will Be A Weekly Feature

Weekend inanimate object devilment report:

Name: Poulan Pro Leaf Blower

Problem: Doesn't suck

Comments: First, like any good liberal I'm embarassed to own power landscape tools, but I only use the leaf blower to mulch leaves so they'll compost more efficiently, so I can pretend it's a wash. Plus I never run the thing unless one of my fellow suburbanites is already making internal combustion noises, but that's not much of a restriction.

The housing is held together by umpteen allen head bolts. I counted them. Exactly umpteen. Somewhat surprisingly, they're all the same size. But one--one!--is placed just deep enough that my Swiss-army-type allen wrench failed to reach it by a fraction which would require a diamond cutter to measure, so I had to buy another set (though this happened two years ago, and I got the mandatory torx-head bits at the same time, so no hardware trip today). I am reasonably sure this all traces to the fact that engineers do not get enough sex.

Results: Inconclusive. The temperature is falling fast and it became too cold to use my fingers anymore. My suspicion is it was just a clog and all I've got to do is put it back together now.

Boy, I can almost hear the hit counter spinning as I type.

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