Thursday, March 31

Punk Bonzai #1: Meadow Sage (Dharma for Cows)

This was the original punk bonzai, the inspiration for all that would follow, and that's probably why there's no tree in this one. The religious theme is new this year. Previously the piece has contained only cows and the occasional land shark or fireman, depending on my wife's whim. They have been known to engage in unbovine behavior. Once they held a cotillion. One night last summer tiny malicious small-town wiseacres tipped every last one of them. The very large cow appears to be their leader.

My wife has a lifelong thing for tiny toys, especially animals. That's why I paid no attention to her when the cows came home. They were an electric orange. She spent the winter sanding and painting them. Late spring, two years ago, I went to check the moss container gardens and they were grazing on this one.

Sharp-eyed perverts may note the beginnings of sexual differentiation among the protonemata.


julia said...

this fillls me with delight. I'm just saying.

sCruuw said...

that is cool as hell!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful. Moss always makes me happy, but the tiny cows just take it to another level of joy.