Sunday, March 6

'Tis Those Icky Fish Eggs to the General

Ben Shapiro: "As art declines, will civilization follow?"

Okay, first, I grudgingly admire the courage of a young man who'll stand up in front of Townhall's readership and link the shibboleth of 20th Century Art to declining moral values and civilization's immanent collapse. Boy, is he gonna get some email about this one!

But, look, is it too much to freakin' ask that someone with a college education could, I dunno, be somewhat conversant with opposing viewpoints? Or know where to look for facts? Didn't they force this stuff down his throat at UCLA?

I guess not. With a wave of his hand Young Ben not only dismisses Duchamp, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Klee, and Pollock, Les Demoiselles and Le Sacre du Printemps, but he makes the whole 19th Century disappear. I know, it's a particularly disturbing century for the Right, seeing as how everything they despise about modernity actually arose in their Golden Age, but still, you'd think an education might make someone a little leery of displaying total ignorance about a complex subject. At least google John Canaday, fer chrissakes, even if you won't read his detractors.

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