Thursday, March 3


I read in the margins. In college I usually started reading every last book or article in the footnotes and never got around to finishing the assigned text. Which made for some interesting essay answers. Letters are the first thing I read in any magazine I pick up. Letters are the only reason I buy TV Guide.

I'm a slow reader and a slow writer though the writing doesn't benefit from that. A patient may bleed to death from a severed artery in three minutes. You may sew up a severed artery in two minutes, if you do not hurry. Or something like that. No matter how slow I go, I hurry.

So I've got no idea about this blog. There are plenty of people who do it better than I even aspire to, and I've got other things to do. Your expectations cannot be kept too low. And I'll be off reading a fourth-generation link somewhere if you need me.

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