Friday, March 25

Pass The Popcorn II

Jonah Goldberg swims up the torrent to spawn:

The negative political consequences in the long term for the Schiavo manuevers by the GOP will be near-zero, even though a majority of Americans will view them negatively. This episode is simply too unique, awful and conflicting for anybody except a very small number of people to hold a grudge about it.

Not quite sure I agree with your police work there, Lou.

You already had buyer's remorse setting in with bankruptcy and social security on top of the deficits, and like it or not there are still some folks keeping conservative values in their trunks, though I admit they've been pretty willing to sell them out in exchange for power up to now. Those folks don't care much for DeLay's latest slitherings, and this is not a man who needs to have any of your people give him a good hard look. George W. has come off once again as a pandering politician with no real leadership qualities, only this time a lot of your folks weren't cheering the results and ignoring how it got there. Brother Jethro Jeb has looked worse, rolling over and fetching and the first sharp tug on the leash, then finding out that that wasn't good enough. And maybe it's just me, but now he sounds like the stupider brother.

But above all else, Jonah, if you can imagine now that this is some sort of one-off, unique event for the religious radicals you've been paying less attention than I thought. I realize you thought they'd just hand over money and votes in perpetuity, and wouldn't be coming for your porn stash, but that's your problem. It's their time, Chuckles, and they really believe they were the reason you won last fall. Plenty of House incumbents just lost running room, and everyone with Presidential aspirations just got a letter in the mail. Try keepin' 'em off the podium in prime time next time.


Anonymous said...

doghouse, do you remember back in the summer of 2000, when it was touch and go (and finally go, thank the big cheese upstairs!) about iu firing bob knight?

those defending him sounded pretty angry, and they weren't all low-rent redneck white trash; a lot of middle-class people were adamantly for him.

they come and go. like a virus, they never go away; they just stay dormant until they flare up.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Oh sure, the Knight business still goes on. As we Red Staters know, there's no shortage of religion and teevee-induced hyperreality around, but your average Republican voter is not stupid or delusional, just trapped in a world of sound-bite thinking. They may think it's just a game of smear-the-bearded-academic when O'Reilly rants about taking back Christmas, but they won't take it when it's the government enforcing religious beliefs on personal decisions.