Sunday, March 6

Return Of The Hottest Young Andy Rooney Impersonator On The Nets

Went to Lowe's anyway, as the red squirrel which chewed through the siding on my garage to get at the birdfeeder knocked it down this afternoon and smashed it beyond merchantability. The Beach Boys' "The Warmth of the Sun", which is Brian's second best ballad of all-time* comes on--this is surprising since it never actually charted--and is interrupted four times to tell Phil to pick up Line 3. There are five bars of the fade-out left by the time Phil catches on. It's followed immediately by the Hues Corporation's seminal "Don't Rock The Boat", brought to you in its glorious uninterrupted entirety. Although I did learn that if you sneak a peek at the nametag and address the clerk by name most are willing to do The Bump with you if they're not otherwise occupied.

* For the record: #1 God Only Knows; #3 Please Let Me Wonder; #4 In My Room; #5 Don't Worry, Baby


Alex said...

Exactly right about "God Only Knows," though I might move "In My Room" up a notch.

My favorite piped-in music experience remains the time I heard a Muzak version of "Watching the Detectives" at a Perkins Family Restaurant in St. Paul. It was stripped of low end and vocals, of course, but they made the odd decision to keep the piercing keyboard line intact.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Ohmygod. I've heard that one too.

One of my hobbies is making definitive public statements about things with absolutely no conviction behind them. I like my choices for 1 & 2, but you can throw "Caroline, No" in the mix and jumble the rest without any argument from me.

It's odd that none of those songs broke the Top 20. My recollection was "Don't Worry, Baby" was Top Ten, but it only made #24.