Friday, March 11

Paddlin' A Canoe? That's a Paddlin'

I see that Hugh Hewitt, (as avid readers know, the inspiration for this blog) is tossing off threats to the Party Faithful that they'd better remain faithful. Badmouth John Bolton? There go your presidential asperations. Oppose Bill Frist's nuclear option? There go your presidential asperations.

Sure, Hugh. One step outa line and McCain is toast.

But since you brought it up, I can't help but wonder what the Over/Under is on Lame Duckitude. August? The naked giveaway on bankruptcy even has the Freepers pissed off, fer chrissakes. Social Security's DOA. Gas prices zooming. You've milked all the triumphalism out of "Middle East democracy"; the warm glow may remain but there's only the hard nubbins of truth left to be chewed. Iraq? The news for the next six months is blown-up bodies, not purple fingers. A little Iran tick-tock? You can try, but they've got little reason to listen.

And for the Religious Right, '08 is their chance and they know it. They're gonna have to step out from behind the curtain real soon, and if you think that's a cheery prospect, why have you kept them off the Convention podium since '92?

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I want to christen you with a comment and compliment you on the Jasper reference