Saturday, March 5

TV Guide™ Roundup

The great bloggers extend our reach into every last fold and dimple of what in the last century we used to call "reality", from analysis of the Arab press to the latest in the Arts to the rantings of The Rant. But all this information can carry with it a heavy investment in time, so I thought to combine a time saving feature with my own area of expertise. Now you can get right to the listings:

Letters: Last week's "TV's 20 Hottest Kisses of All Time!" aroused some readers. Largo, Florida's Thomas C. Rizzo thinks Lucy and Desi's pregnancy kiss exceeded any on the list "because it was believable". Janice E. Mitich and Theo Chen weigh in for osculation events on Beauty and the Beast and Ally McBeal, respectively. On the political front, Idahoan Connie Peterson thinks the concern about the overportrayal of Muslims as terrorists misses the mark. The Apprentice's Carolyn gets a Cheer from Tena B. Foster for disapproving of a contestant's foul language, while the Heartland's Steve Oster enjoys Lost but wishes Rose had been included in last week's story. And plain-speaking Texan D.J. Scudday wants to know why networks repeat the same movies over and over.

Cheers: Law & Order: CI (and Chris Noth); Tony Danza; Battlestar Galactica (and its butt-kicking women); Melissa Etheridge. Jeers: ABC (promo ripoff); Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (flat); Star Jones (still breathing).

Cover: Rob & Amber: Will Their Love Survive The Amazing Race? Yes. John Stamos Is Back! Yes. As a publicist with a motley roster of celebrity clients and a hyperactive personal life.

Inside: Profile of last week's Jeeree Paris Hilton.


Anonymous said...

I can think of few things that warrant the comment "Get a life!" more than writing a letter to TV Guide. Except maybe summarizing the letter column in TV Guide.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Aw, that was gonna be this week's essay contest, and now you've already won it.