Monday, March 14

TV Guide™ Roundup

One thing I really like about TV Guide is that they're unafraid to change their layout every three weeks. They change layouts more often than my grocery store changes endcaps.

And it's always accompanied by a thoughtful Letter from the Publisher, or at least a page one banner informing their readership of their newly enhanced convenience and readability. Loyal readers of their Letters column are keenly aware of the panic such changes might cause if they occurred without warning.

Letters: Having said that we immediately give a Jeer-Within-A-Cheer as the Letters column springs a new format on us without warning! Apparently having just gotten wind of the hot new national trend of polarization the Editors debut a Pro vs. Con sidebar. This week's topic is Eden Riegel, All My Children's Bianca. Norma Jenkins writes from Tupelo to say she was stunned when Eden didn't win the Daytime Emmy. Salt Lake City's A. Jackson isn't really down on Eden, so much as her character, suggesting that the producers must think "fans only want to watch young actors". A. finds this "insulting".

Not a strong inagural effort, but the format shows promise. In the future I'd like to see some space given each side for rebuttal.

Back to Letters: Peggy Roman has had it with Monk, which is just not the same without Sharona. Maxine Gotto is appalled at the way Iowa was portrayed on The West Wing. She's from Council Bluffs, so it's personal. On the West Coast, Colleen McDonald of Bend, OR, thought the musical episode of 7th Heaven was awful, Heeeeere's Vegas' David Kaliner to praise the late Johnny Carson's special brand of humor, class, and wit, and Diane Garratt down Mesa, AZ way, is one sexagenarian who hopes the WB "doesn't grow up too much", especially the pure escapist fun of Smallville.

Crossword Stumper (WARNING: SPOILER)

14 Across The ____Ranger.
ans: LONE.


Drew said...

Thanks for saving my ass on the crossword. I had written 'Ford' Ranger, which made 'Latka Gravas' into 'Fatka Gravas'.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why, but I want to see more of this feature. It officially puts your blog into my "visit every day" list.